【TEDxTaipei Womany】音乐家:从内在就漂亮

【TEDxTaipei  Womany】音乐家:从内在就漂亮



“We need to work hard to achieve our dreams and take a leap of faith in doing what we love and becoming the person we want to be. Life is too short to be afraid and we need to know what we want and take action to execute it.”


TEDxTaipei 2011 年『旅程的力量』邀请到一位全方位音乐家,毕业于加拿大蒙特娄 McGill大学音乐系,专攻爵士钢琴,2010 年获选为新台湾之光100,更是台湾首位荣获全球知名遴选之音乐家,一个很不一样的女人- 吴苡嫣。


A multi-faceted Jazz musician, Amanda Wu was invited to give a talk at TEDx Taipei in 2011, as part of the “The Power of Journey” series. She graduated from McGill University, Faculty of Music in Montreal, Canada, with her concentration in Jazz Piano. Amanda was selected as one of the top 100 New Pride Stars of Taiwan and was the first Taiwanese musician selected by the world-renowned Cirque Du Soleil. As one of Taiwan’s most versatile and imaginative musicians, Amanda certainly is a distinct and unique woman. 



是什幺让苡嫣这幺地不一样?她认为『真诚』是音乐中最重要的元素。『我想表达的,是由我灵魂发出的想法和真真切切的人生经验。』因为每一个音,每一段乐句,都是与内心最深层的对话。第一张专辑的创作背景是纪录苡嫣人生的转变。在异地求学有许多挫折,那种又爱又恨的心情即是创作歌曲 “Beautiful Tears” 的背景。苡嫣说『转变过程中会经历挫折、不安、与迷惘,当下会留过许多眼泪,但是当你达成目标时,回头一看这所有过程,就会知道一切的付出是值得,而那些流过的眼泪,是多幺美丽!』


What makes Amanda so different? She believes that “genuineness” is the most important element in music. “I want to express my thoughts and life experiences from the deepest part of my soul. Every note and every phrase of melody are conversations with the inner self,” says Amanda. Her first album “Jazz without Time Zones” was produced at a time when she experienced tremendous life changes. 


While studying in a foreign country, many challenges and frustrations happened in her life. These emotions became the context of her Jazz Ballade composition, “Beautiful Tears.” Amanda believes that “during the process of change, one has to experience frustration, unease, and confusion - often accompanied by countless tears. However, once you achieve your goals and look back, you will realize that all the hard work you put in is worthwhile. All the tears that shed are incredibly beautiful!” 


身为一位全方位的音乐家,苡嫣理想的音乐生涯是创立一套独有的多元表演方式,搬上世界舞台,在全世界巡迴演出。形容自己体内流着非常爱电子音乐的因子,她觉得很有质感的电音, 充满着时尚未来感!高度的音乐性,可以让灵魂获得自由 。时尚未来感的电音表演,也与苡嫣自己本质相像。想要在自己的音乐艺术作品中做电子音乐,把古典,爵士变成元素,拥有四种音乐风格。


Amanda’s curiosity and wide-ranging talents have taken her in many different directions - forging her unique career and establishing her rare reputation. Amanda is a singer-songwriter/pianist of Jazz and Classical music and a vocalist of Electronica. Amanda’s main goal is to integrate all these styles to create a unique way of performance. Ultimately, she wants to have the opportunity to perform her music and express her ideas in a world tour. 


Since her childhood, Amanda has been exposed to a number of musical genres. “From when I was 7 years old, I have always been in the academic school of Classical and Jazz music. But somehow, Electronica is naturally ingrained in my blood.” It is this passion for Electronica that is well-represented in the various masterpieces Amanda has written and created. Amanda believes “great Electronica is filled with a sense of future and fashion, and can set the spirit free.” 

【TEDxTaipei  Womany】音乐家:从内在就漂亮







Interestingly, what motivates Amanda to pursue her dream is “imagination” - envisioning a better self and upholding that image in order to improve. “This is the calling inside of me. I follow the guidance from my inner voice and since I hear the inner voice, I have to achieve what the inner voice tells me. The key is to picture the image and have the willpower to persist and persevere” says Amanda. 




Besides imagination, another important factor for Amanda is "curiosity". Part of this is being inquisitive and challenging existing assumptions. Asking questions helps Amanda develop insights, especially when she encounters problems in life. For this reason, Amanda enjoys reading self-improvement and spiritual books in times of crisis. These books allow her to not only think outside of the box, but also to take an overarching and external viewpoint. Therefore, she can see things from the higher angle. One lesson Amanda has learned from her journey of self-discovery is that “there is always a right moment for things to happen and being patient can lead to immense rewards.”




Amanda also describes herself as a productive “road warrior.” Traveling generates new ideas and different perspectives. In order to feel the cultural energy, Amanda likes to explore as many spots as possible while traveling alone. She says that “curiosity is not only an important attitude on a journey, but also the starting point to lead you to a completely new territory." The next stop on her continuing journey is moving to New York this fall. "Fascinated by the cultural richness and unlimited possibilities of New York, I believe the “Big Apple” will provide sufficient nutrition for my life, music and soul. I am so excited for this big move,” says Amanda excitedly. Once again, Amanda has shown us her readiness and willingness to plunge into the mysterious "unknown." 


【TEDxTaipei  Womany】音乐家:从内在就漂亮





对于现代女性该如何幸福快乐,苡嫣也有自己的见解。『快乐是来自于我们有能力给予爱和接受爱。』不是来自于外在的物质或名利,让人满足的真正源头就是爱。而我们可以放大『爱』,去爱更多的人- 爱家人朋友,爱周遭环境的一切,爱国家,都会让一个人变得很开心。同时,当别人给予我们爱与关怀时,不要把爱推开,相信自己值得接受爱。


In modern society, the role of women is always evolving. Amanda has her own opinion about how modern women can pursuit happiness. “Happiness comes from our ability to give love and to receive love,” says Amanda. “Even though it is good to be beautiful, famous and rich - what really makes a person happy is LOVE. Knowing how to expand love to more people, family, friends, surroundings, global issues and countries, helps ensure one can live a happier life. Moreover, all of us should believe that we deserve to be loved.”


2005 年写下『21 世纪有没有传统?』这首歌,代表着对于时代变迁的看法。我们每个人在地球旅程中都会经历一些时代的转变,而我们这一代最特别是科技如何取代原来的世界。在这样时代大转变之下,很多的思想与社会价值观与角色也需要被重新定位。苡嫣认为21世纪女性的定义是独立思考,做自己,与经济独立。拥有爱与被爱的能力,以及独立思考,就可以让一个人快乐。新时代女性很幸福,平等意识渐渐成为主流,更可以主动地去追求自己的梦想。


One of Amanda’s visionary songs is called, “Are There Traditions in the 21st Century?” This song expresses her point of view of an ever-changing world. Amanda believes everyone experiences the feeling of a “changing era” at one point in life. Born in 1982, Amanda has witnessed how technology has changed the world. With immense generational changes comes the need for societal values and roles to be reexamined – including the role of females in society. Amanda believes that women this century will be characterized by independent thinking, individuality, and financial independence.


【TEDxTaipei  Womany】音乐家:从内在就漂亮

『21世纪的我们在创作,一种摆脱老祖宗的自由,看得透、听得懂,生活的感受。』(节录『21 世纪有没有传统?』歌词)

Born in the 21st century, we are creating freedom by getting rid of the inappropriate traditional value. We are able to understand and see through the touch of our life. (Lyrics from “Are There Traditions in 21st Century?” 






Amanda also believes that everyone has their own life theme. “We should be thankful and cherish our unique birth and life experiences; we need to work hard to achieve our dreams and take a leap of faith in doing what we love in order to become the person we want to be. Life is too short to be afraid. Therefore, we must figure out what we really want, then take action to execute it,” says Amanda. 


苡嫣正在筹备自己全创作的新专辑。在她的音乐中我们感受到了创意与不设限的多元性 ,透过她,我们看到女人的全新魅力,一种安静又大声,简单又精采,真诚又独立的一种力量,未来无论是在纽约还是太阳剧团,我们都期待看到更多她的创作- 吴苡嫣,我们的新台湾之光,一个从内在就漂亮的女人。


With her new album launching later this year, Amanda hopes her music will inspire people around the world to dive deeper into their passions. Through Amanda’s music, we can feel her creativity and see an evolving and beautiful image of modern women. Her music may be peacefully quiet, but certainly loud in impact; simple in nature, yet deep in meaning. Whether in New York or on the road for Cirque Du Soleil, we look forward to seeing more of her innovative work. As Taiwan’s New Pride Star, Amanda Wu truly is beautiful from the inside out.


【TEDxTaipei  Womany】音乐家:从内在就漂亮









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